It is of utmost importance to make sure that there are no hidden or unsuspected complications in the security system at your homes, hotels, and offices. Safe lockers guarantee protection- of all your important documents and other valuable assets- against theft, accidental loss, and damage over time. 

A safe locker ensures the highest level of security for your assets (at homes, hotels, and other commercial establishments). 

However, if you were to leave your home right now, leave all your valuable possessions- money, jewelry, stock certificates, property deeds, other such important legal documents, and much more- and go on a vacation, would you be able to do it? Leave all your important stuff and just go away without a worry. A safe provides you that peace of mind. It gives you that sense of security. 

A traditional safe, irrespective of its built, can get lock picked. If not easily then with some prolonged effort. 

That’s why an electronic safe locker is a safer option. It has increased the level of protection as there is no mechanical access mode to get to the locker. They are primed with splendid features to provide you with safety, convenience, and peace of mind. These lockers or safes ensure that no intruder gets to the stuff that’s important to you. 

You can store anything you want in these lockers including- money, passports, jewelry, bonds, property deeds, stock certificates, home supplies, other documents, etc. 

Let us walk you through its features to familiarize you with their functioning for a better understanding and smoother experience. 

Features of an electronic safe 

  1. Dual password (user + master) 
    The home locker is equipped with an in-built user-code system where the user or master can enter a code to unlock it. It’s a foolproof system because only the party that sets the code can open the safe. 
  2. Password hiding function 
    The feature of hiding your password is always available. It restricts unauthorized entry into the locker and safeguards the items inside it. It provides an additional layer of security. 
  3. Low-battery indicator 
    Since the electronic safe is battery-operated, there is a low-battery indicator in it that alerts the user if it falls below a defined threshold. The warning gives adequate time to replace batteries. 
  4. External battery backup 
    In case you forget to replace the batteries of your electronic safe you can still charge it using an external battery source (power bank) and a USB cable. 
  5. Emergency key 
    If all else fails, and you lose all modes of access, you can default to the emergency key to unlock the safe. 

Digital safe lockers are equipped with such brilliant features to cater to all your safety-related needs. These safes are theft deterrents and some are fire-resistant as well. 

You can opt for a mechanical locker, however, in all probability they can get lock picked, if not easily then with prolonged effort. 

An electronic locker on the other hand is a safer alternative. It saves you from the trouble of carrying a key as the access is completely digital with a backup (mechanical) key for emergencies. It also saves you from the trouble of distributing keys to frequent visitors such as your relatives, friends, caregivers, etc. Usually, there’s user access and master or master user access. The owner has master or master user access that enables them to grant access to other users. 

Electronic locker protects your valuable stuff in these ways: 

  1. Restricts access 
    They restrict access unless the owner hands out the safe’s access to other people. 
  2. Secure mode 
    Upon multiple failed attempts, they get locked for a while. However, the time period might not be defined. 
  3. Raises alarms 
    Some electronic safes are equipped with a sensor to raise an alarm in case of unusual activity (to inform either the owner or concerned authorities.) 

However, if the safe malfunctions you can default to the emergency key. 

If you are planning to buy a safe locker for home, go for an electronic safe locker. But take these factors into consideration at the time of purchase: 

  1. Capacity 
    The capacity of a safe is predicated on its usage. What you are going to store in it will predict the capacity of the safe. 
  2. Long battery life 
    Ensure that the safe you buy has a long battery life or provision for external battery backup. So that in case it runs out, you can charge it and get in. 
  3. Multiple access modes 
    More alternatives to access the same safe provide flexibility and convenience. You would have a backup of alternatives and won’t have to rely on one access mode, just in case, it stops working.