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Smart Devices
Smart Devices

Smart devices for home security leverage modern technology to enhance the safety and convenience of residential spaces. These devices are connected to the internet, allowing users to monitor and control them remotely using smartphones or other devices. They offer features such as real-time alerts, remote access, and integration with other smart home systems. Here's an explanation of the mentioned products:

Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

A Wi-Fi video doorbell has a camera, microphone, and speaker, allowing homeowners to see, hear, and communicate with visitors remotely. When someone rings the doorbell, the camera captures the video feed sent to the homeowner's smartphone via a mobile app. This device visually verifies visitors, enhancing home security and enabling residents to communicate with guests even when not home.

Multi Apartment VDP (Video Door Phone)

A Multi Apartment Video Door Phone system is designed for multi-unit residential buildings. It includes a central panel with multiple buttons corresponding to different apartments. When a visitor presses a button, the resident receives a video call on their indoor monitor or smartphone app. This system allows residents to see who is at the main entrance and grants access remotely, ensuring controlled entry to the building.


Single Apartment VDP (Video Door Phone)

The single apartment video door phone is designed for individual residential units. It consists of a doorbell camera and an indoor monitor. When a visitor rings the doorbell, the resident can view the visitor through the indoor monitor and communicate with them. This setup enhances security by enabling visual verification of guests before allowing entry.


Wi-Fi Camera

Wi-Fi cameras, also known as security cameras or IP cameras, connect to the home's Wi-Fi network and allow remote monitoring via a smartphone app or computer. These cameras come in various types: indoor, outdoor, pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ), and motion-activated. Wi-Fi cameras provide real-time video feeds, motion detection, and, in some cases, two-way audio communication. They are versatile and can be placed in different locations around the home for comprehensive surveillance.


Smart Plug

A smart plug is a device that turns traditional electrical appliances into smart devices. By plugging appliances into a smart plug, users can control the power supply remotely via a smartphone app or voice commands (if compatible with virtual assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant). Smart plugs are often used for lamps, fans, or other devices, allowing users to schedule their operation, turn them on/off remotely, and conserve energy. Some smart plugs also offer energy usage monitoring features.

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