Dear Purchaser,

Congratulations on purchasing your Ozone product. Please note, upon purchasing an Ozone product, you are thereby agreeing to the terms and conditions of Ozone Limited Warranty (“Warranty”) as set out below.

  1. Warranty coverage: Ozone provides the following Warranty terms and conditions ("Warranty") for its products as outlined. The Warranty encompasses a commitment to rectify manufacturing defects and provide support to ensure the products meet the specified functionality and quality standards.
  2. Commencement date: The Warranty coverage as outlined in this agreement shall commence on the date on which the product is physically delivered to the customer after payment of full consideration to that effect. The commencement date refers to the date when the products are initially delivered to the customer or the date of purchase, whichever is earlier.
  3. Verification process: Prior to the initiation of replacement procedures for functionality-related complaints, all products covered under the Warranty shall be subject to a meticulous physical verification process. This verification process will be conducted by a qualified Ozone Technical Officer or an authorized representative. The purpose of this process is to ascertain the validity of the complaint and to ensure that the reported issue falls within the scope of the Warranty.
  4. Replacement procedure: Upon successful completion of the verification process and confirmation of Warranty eligibility, Ozone shall facilitate the replacement of the affected product. The replacement procedure can be initiated through either Ozone's authorized distributors or dealers or directly from the Ozone team, as determined by Ozone's discretion.
  5. Service fee for Out-of-Warranty products: Ozone retains the right to impose a service fee for the repair or servicing of products that have surpassed the stipulated Warranty period or do not meet the criteria for Warranty coverage due to any reason. This service fee is intended to cover the cost of labor, materials, and any associated expenses incurred in the course of restoring the product to its optimal operational condition.
  6. Fee determination and payment: The service fee for Out-of-Warranty products shall be determined by Ozone based on a fair and reasonable assessment of the required repair or servicing. Upon notification of the service fee, the customer shall be obligated to remit the specified amount to Ozone to initiate the repair or servicing process.
  7. Prior customer consent: Before commencing any service or repair on an Out-of-Warranty product and levying the associated service fee, Ozone shall seek the explicit consent of the customer, outlining the scope of work to be performed and the corresponding charges. The customer's consent shall be obtained through written or electronic means as deemed appropriate by Ozone.
  8. Return of Out-of-Warranty products: Customers are responsible for returning Out-of-Warranty products to Ozone's designated service centers or authorized facilities, as instructed by Ozone's service team. The cost of shipping or transporting the product to the designated location shall be borne by the customer.
  9. Applicability: The Warranty provided herein is exclusively applicable to products that have been either manufactured or supplied by Ozone. Any instances of manufacturing defects that manifest during the stipulated Warranty period shall be remedied at the sole discretion of Ozone. Remediation may take the form of repair or replacement, as determined by Ozone.
  10. Warranty period extension: In the event of a repair or replacement conducted pursuant to this Warranty, the original Warranty period shall remain in effect, commencing from the date of the initial product purchase. Please note that the Warranty period extension applies only to the specific component or product subject to repair or replacement.
  11. Ownership of replaced components: Any component or product that is replaced as part of the Warranty service shall automatically become the property of Ozone upon completion of the replacement procedure. Ownership and responsibility for the disposition of replaced components are transferred to Ozone.
  12. Onsite Warranty services: Onsite Warranty services are exclusively available for products that meet the criteria specified in the relevant product Warranty policy. Customers possessing products that do not qualify for onsite Warranty services shall be required to either exchange the product or deliver it to the nearest Ozone distributor/dealer location, as directed by Ozone's service team.
  13. Expenses for remote locations: Customers residing in areas situated beyond the municipal boundaries of Ozone's authorized distributors and dealers shall bear any and all travel expenses and other associated incidental costs incurred in the process of availing Warranty services. These expenses include, but are not limited to, transportation costs to and from the service location, etc.
  14. Exclusions from Warranty coverage: This Warranty explicitly excludes any coverage for damage sustained by the product or instances of non-operation attributable to weather-related effects on the door and frame. Additionally, any sagging of the product caused by the loosening of hinges is not within the scope of Warranty coverage.
  15. Surface finish and shade exemption: The Warranty provided herein does not encompass the surface finish and/or shade of the product. Customers are advised to exercise caution and refrain from using any cleaning solutions or acidic substances that may have a detrimental impact on the finish or shade of the product. Any such damage resulting from cleaning solutions or acidic substances shall not be eligible for Warranty coverage.
  16. Corrosion Warranty on the product shall not be applicable under the following conditions, including but not limited to:
    • Corrosion on mild steel products.
    • Corrosion caused by the use of aggressive chemicals/alkaline cleaners, including sodium carbonate, sodium hydroxide, ammonia, highly concentrated bleach solution, and chloride compounds.
    • Corrosion caused by the use of chemical cleaners typically used on bathroom/shower fixtures and industrial solvents, as these will damage the protective finish.
    • Corrosion due to the use of abrasive products to apply the cleaner such as scouring pads or steel wool.
    • Corrosion issues due to excessive moisture or dampness.
  17. Warranty on the product shall not be applicable under the following conditions, including but not limited to:
    1. Misuse/mishandling/negligence/improper installation and service by a third party/tampering.
    2. Failure to follow instructions for use/instruction manual/mounting instruction.
    3. Installation with unapproved accessories.
    4. Modifications to the product or removal/alterations of parts and components.
    5. Entry or seepage of liquids/oils/chemicals.
    6. Non-functioning of lock due to use of any other than company make or entry of foreign material in the keyhole.
    7. Breakage of plastic parts.
    8. Damage due to accidents/theft/fire/robbery/natural calamities.
    9. Damage due to harsh environmental conditions.
  18. Maximum liability: The maximum liability assumed by Ozone under this Warranty shall be limited to the cost of the product. Customers shall not be entitled to make any claims for incidental or consequential damages or losses arising from the Warranty or Warranty-related services.
  19. Territorial validity: This Warranty is valid exclusively within the territorial boundaries of India. Any Warranty claims or services requested outside of India are not covered under this Warranty and shall be subject to separate terms and conditions.
  20. Finality of Ozone's determination: The decision of Ozone regarding the admissibility and resolution of Warranty claims shall be deemed final and binding on all parties. Customers shall abide by Ozone's determinations without contest.
  21. Amendment of Warranty Terms: Ozone retains the prerogative to modify the terms and conditions of this Warranty without the necessity of prior notification to customers.
  • The customer must present the signed and sealed Warranty card together with the original invoice stating the date of purchase.
  • To avail of the Warranty, the customer can call any of the below company helpline numbers: +91 9310012300, +91 9716500300, or +91 7503039831.
  • The customer will have to deliver the defective product to the nearest Ozone service provider.
  • If an Ozone technician is required to visit the place of installation after registration of a service request, the prevailing price list would be applicable if the location is within the municipal limits of the city or town where the ozone service network is available.
  • In case a technician is required to visit the place of installation, after registration of a service request, the company’s dealer nexus, travel, and other incidental expenses shall be payable by the customer if the location is beyond the municipal limits of the city or town where the Ozone service network is available.
  • Ozone reserves the right to refuse service visits to geographical locations where the Ozone service network is not available.

  • This limited Warranty is the only one the company provides; thereby, all implied warranties, including merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are disclaimed.
  • In no event shall the company be liable for incidental or consequential damages and lost profits, considered to be arising out of the product, its installation, or usage.
  • The liability of Ozone is limited to the price paid for the affected Ozone product or component.
  • The customer shall be completely accountable and responsible for battery replacement as well as keeping emergency keys safe and available.
  • This Warranty does not cover cosmetic damage, including breakage of the door, in case the keys or passwords are lost by the customer.
  • The Warranty on the product would not be applicable under the conditions that fall outside its scope, including but not limited to:
  • Misuse or mishandling of the project due to the customer's negligence or improper installation or application.
  • Failure to follow instructions as noted in the manual or tampering or repair through unauthorised service provider.

  • Cases of damage to plastic parts, including but not limited to scratches, dents, etc.
  • Modification of the product or any alteration of any part or component thereof.
  • Cases of seepage of liquids or chemicals, short circuits, physical damage, wrong or improper installation, battery drainage, or any other type of intrusion.
  • Damage due to accidents like fire, theft, self-inflicted breakage, etc. resulting from incidents beyond the company’s control.
  • Damages due to weather-related or environmental conditions such as direct sunlight/humidity/vibrations etc.
  • amage due to third-party peripherals.
  • Damage due to excessive pressure or inappropriate cleaning tools or equipment.
  • Damages not involving defective workmanship or materials are expressly excluded from the scope of coverage under this Warranty.
  • This Warranty applies only to the first end-user and is non-transferable with any subsequent product resale.
  • In the event of any disputes arising on this subject, the area of jurisdiction shall remain Delhi, India.
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