Glass Fittings

A comprehensive range of Ozone fittings and accessories can be used in different configurations of Swing or Sliding Doors based on design and functional requirements.

Frameless Glass Doors

Frameless swing doors are made using 10mm & 12mm tempered glass along with necessary hardware fittings. These doors are of two types:

  • Hinged
  • Pivoted Hinged Doors

These doors are recommended for internal doors with low and medium traffic:

  • Have a self-centering mechanism (spring-loaded).
  • Door is hinged either on the sidewall or on a fixed side panel which can be at 180° or 90° to the door.
  • Various options of handles and locking mechanisms are available to choose from.
  • Overhead door closer can also be fitted easily to have controlled opening. Pivoted Doors are normally double action doors (opening both sides) which swing on a floor spring (for its auto-closing movement and hold open function).

Patch Fittings are available in various derivatives like Standard Patch, Curvos Patch (having a curved cover on top), Point Fixed Fittings or Stainless Steel Patch Fitting (made of Solid Stainless Steel). The floor springs should be selected depending upon the door weight and door size.


Sliding Doors
  • Preferably used where there is a space constraint.
  • Aim is to achieve special aesthetics for the doorway and door movement.
  • Can have a single sliding panel, bi-parting panels, or multiple panels.
  • Can be operated manually, automatically, or with any specialised opening mechanism.
Manual Sliding Doors

Suitable for internal doors with low traffic, like offices, kitchens, and residences.

Automatic Sliding Doors

Primarily used in commercial and public places (airports, hospitals, shopping malls, etc.), these door openings can be single or bi-parting, either framed or frameless.

Various models & accessories are available to give a high level of:

  • Security (access control)
  • Safety (safety beams, impact sensors)
  • Speed (air conditioning conservation)
  • Aesthetics
Swing Doors
Design Tips
  • Suitable for internal as well as external doors
  • Suitable for internal as well as external doors
  • Use 8-16mm tempered glass
  • For better aesthetics and privacy, use glass with decorative printing or films
  • Suitable for the main door of offices, shops and restaurants with wide entrances and heavy traffic areas
  • Select floor spring based on door weight and traffic movement through the door
  • Use 10mm or 12mm tempered glass
  • Use patch fitting designs that match the interiors
Certified By
  • Intertek Certificate
  • SGS Certificate
  • TUV Certificate
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