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Yes there are several Glass Handles available with Integral locking facility where the lock is placed at convenient height of 1 mtr, so the user can easily operate the lock without bending down unlike corner lock placed on the bottom corner of the door. Handle with locks can have single point locking as well as two point locking facility also.
Cam action technology is used in Ozone Floor springs.
Multiple options are available for Bathroom door lock. Mortise lock body bathroom type (No requirement of Euro Profile cylinder) can be used with Escutcheon with knob & occupied indicator, or normal lock body with Bathroom type cylinder can be used or Cylinderical knob lock with one side push button and other side coin release can be used.
Fire Rated metal doors are made of GPSP sheet with an infill of Rockwool as the Fire resistant material.
Normal floor spring requires cutting and digging of floor whereas Concealed floor spring requires only 4 holes of Dia 10mm to be drilled on the floor. Installation and dismantling is easy and less time taking in Concealed floor spring compare to normal floor spring. As it evades the need of having cavity on floor, better aesthetics and hygiene is maintained on door area.
It is a next generation door closer which is available for Glass Swing door and Wooden swing door. The unique advantage is that it doesn’t require any cutting orn digging of floor to get the fitting installed. At the same time it is easier to install and unnstalled in very short time.
Yes there are few electromagnetic door closers with Smoke detection feature which close the door itself in the event of smoke / fire.

Kitchen is one place which has a space constrant at most times for a swing door. Sliding door is a good option to save space and further a semi-automatic sliding door will always keep the door in closed position at all times when not in use. Moreover, semi-automatic sliding door system doesn't require an electrical connection.

you can have as many panels as required in Moveable wall or glass wall partition depending upon the opening. However there is a limitation on per panel Width and height. Depending upon the no. of panels the stacking space is also required at corner(s) of the partition.
To install the Movable wall or glass wall partition the ceiling is required to bear the load of 60 Kg/sqm, therefore, it is not possible on false ceiling. In most of the cases M.S. framing is required to hang the track on top in which the panels slides. The bottom level of the false ceiling and the track can be flushed to hide the track from view.
Electronic safes are to be fixed in wall or floor. It can be fixed in any furniture like cupboard also. An electronic safe performs its funciton of security in true sense when a safe is fixed somewhere.
Clear line railings are seamless railings which doesn’t require vertical posts also called Balusters which are required after certain distance in traditional railings. Here in case of clearline railing the glass is held in the aluminium brackets fixed in the floor or side of the ledge and on top of glass a handrail is fixed to provide strength  to the railing.
There are two ways to have pivoted door without digging the floor. One is to use OCFH-100 concealed floor spring which doesn’t require floor cutting, other is for wooden door using transom closer which is installed on the top of door inside the outer frame.
Ozone telescopic slide/channels can carry upto 45kg load
There are 18no.of ball bearing in a Ozone telescopic channel. Ball bearings ensure smooth movement/gliding of drawers
Fin spider system is used where the Building’s structure can’t support the glass facade. The spider system is fixed to glass fins. Here the load from each glass panel is transmitted from one panel to the next and supported from the spider fittings on the top. Without fin spider system is used where the Building’s structure is able to carry the facade’s exterior & interior loads. Here the spider system is directly attached to the Building’s structure either by using flange mount spider.


Ozone Hub are creatived at strategical locations across India showcasing live display of our Products specifically architectural hardware solutions. You can get address & contact information of Ozone Hub near to you from contact us section.
Cut-out drawings are provided against requirement. You can call centralized customer care No. 91-9310012300 or email your cut-out query at Someone will get back with relevant information.
We have offices in different cities across India, you can contact us at any of our regional/ branch offices. You can also call us at our centralised customer care in Delhi 91 9310012300
Generally you do not find many and good solutions for sliding door for a shower cubicle as to prevent water spillage is a big challenge. However there is a perfect system SL-ED-11 offered by Ozone to have a sliding door arrangement with a fixed glass in a shower cubicle.
Shower cubicle can be fully customised as per the requirement and size of the bathroom. Ideal size of shower cubicle may vary from 3 feet x 3 feet to 4 feet x 4 feet
Fire doors actually do the compartmentization of the building in the event of fire in the building. It resists or prevents the fire from spreading from one side to the other as per the fire rating of the door.
Check if the sufficient connectors are provided to hold the fixed glass with the Wall, Floor and with the Shower knight head Rod.
The stationary gaps should be filled with extra clear water repellent silicone. Non stationary joints should be covered with Plastic Profiles and magnetic seals as per requirement. Door opening to be kept inwards.
Most sliding systems are top hung; means the weight of the sliding door is on Ceiling or wall, however there is a sliding system SL-66 from Ozone which has bottom rollers which run on the track mounted on the floor.
Main criteria for selecting a floor spring is Door Width and Door weight as well as the traffic passing through the door.
Swing Doors can be pivoted and Hinged. Pivoted doors work on Floor Springs, whereas the Hinged Doors are fixed with the help of Hinges on the wall or side glass.
The balcony railing should be carefully designed according to the type of building (residential, commercial etc). The strength of railing should be calculated according to the max. nos. of persons leaning on the railing at a time. Using a glass or midrails or both will also depend upon the type of building. In any case the railing should be installed by an experienced and certified technician to avoid any flaws in the installation.
Modular railings combined with the modular accessories can be installed without or very minimal welding which retains the aesthetics of the railings.
SS Railings on regular basis should be cleaned with the help of soft and dry cotton cloth. In case of any Red marks on the railing good quality SS cleaner may be used to clean and wipe the marks off the railings.
There is no standard available in India regarding the gap to be kept between the 2 midrails in railings. However some international standards specifies the gap to be kept between 125-175mm so that nobody including small kids can pass thru the 2 midrails.
SS316 Grade should be used in coastal areas which contains 16% chromium, 10% Nickel & 2% Molybdenum (in addition to several other ingredients) which provides additional resistance towards chlorides in the coastal areas.
Glass door can be installed on hinges, but one has to make sure to use the partition hinges to install the glass door. However, the glass door in shower cubicle should be installed on showe hinges.
Using patch fittings, the recommended max glass door size is 1000mm x 2400mm.
There are millions of Key combination available in Ozone Multi-purpose lock
Yes, drawer hight/depth can be increased by replacing back connector and installing single or double rail from Ergotec range of Ozone.

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